50's Day

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We celebrate the 50th day of school by having 50's Day. It is so much fun! I couldn't believe how much the kids got in to it and how adorable they looked. A few weeks before the 50th Day I send home a note to tell the parents about the day. They can start getting ideas for clothing to wear. Of course, I have my own poodle skirt.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of 50th Day Note.

On the 50th Day of School, the kids came all dressed up. Look at how cute they are! We had a blow up Juke Box that I got from www.orientaltrading.com. We also had 50s music playing all day long. It was fun to see how many songs the kids recognized.

One of the activities was a bubble blowing contest. They all got a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Trey was the best bubble blower. Most of it was all over his face in an hour!

One of the activities we did was counting 50 objects. The kids had to bring into they're own collection of 50 things. I gave them a zip-lock bag to put the collections in. On the 50th day we counted the colections by 10s, by 5s, by 2s and even by 1's.

We made a class book about our 50th Day Collections.

Click here for 50's Day Class Book Page PDF.

CLICK HERE for the PDF of the Homework Note.

We went down to the gyms later for a good, old-fashioned sock hop. I taught them how to twist and jitterbug. The kids just had a lot of fun running around the gym. We even tried to hula hoop. I was tired just watching them!

We made 50s patterns using black and pink.

Click here for 50s Pattern PDF

We practiced tallying by making 50 tallies.

Click Here for 50 Tally Sheet

While down at the gym we had good old Chocolate Coke Floats. We put vanilla ice cream in a cup with a little chocolate syrup and added some coke. Yum! Yum!

At the end of the day we talked about all of the fun things we did on 50s Day. I have a page about 50s Day for their Memory Book so they had to draw a picture about what their favorite activity of the day was. We also took a little survey about how they like the activities of the day. As my class said this year after our Christmas Party, "This was almost as much fun as 50s Day." It doesn't get much better than this.

Click Here for 50s Day Memory Book Page.

Click Here for 50s Day Question Review