Alphabet Activities

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3-D Alphabet Wall - Start the year out with an alphabet chart that the kids created. I send home a letter asking each child to bring in an object that will fit into a snack size ziploc bag. I assign the child a letter that the item must start with. When the items are returned, I attached them to the laminated letter cards with double stick tape. I mount them on the closet using Command adhesive. This year we will be sending the letter home before Open House to have the wall ready for the first day of school (hopefully!) We will also be labeling the items to help with Write the Room. My alphabet wall has 2 baggies for each letter: 1 for the AM class, 1 for the PM class.

Word Wall - This is a photo of my word wall. I changed it this year from velcro to magnets on my white board. It is larger and interactive. I started the new school year out with Environmental Print cards. They are available to download at Hubbard's Cupboard. In a week or two, I will take down the environmental print and add the student's names with photos. High frequency words will be added as they are introduced.

Alphabet Dice Game- Help your students to practice correct letter formation with this Alphabet Dice Game. Using 1" wooden color cubes and dot stickers, make dice with 6 different letters on each. I color code the dice to match the blacklines (the orange cube letters match the letters that are on the orange sheet.) The kids play the game by rolling the die and whatever letter the die lands on, the child writes it in the appropriate column on his/her sheet. They keep rolling until one letter fills an entire column.

Alphabet Take-Home Bag - This is one of my many Take-Home Bags. It includes the ABC Song class book that we make the first week of school. Every child decorates 1 die cut letter of the alphabet. We put them in the book and the last 2 pages are "Now I've said my ABC's etc..." I also include magnetic lowercase letters to match to the capital letters on the border. There is a set of flashcards to put in alphabetical order. The blackline directions are available in my Take-Home Bag pack.

Alphabet Font Sort - I typed up many different alphabet card sets using different fonts. The kids sort the cards by letter.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Kids love to make this class Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. The tree is made by painting the child's forearm brown and the leaves are handprints. We use circle sponges for the coconuts. The child rubber stamps his/her name at the base of the tree. I use the text, '_ told _ and _ told _ I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree." if I do the book later in the school year. The child writes the first 4 letters in his/her name in the blanks. The child holds up any 2 letters for the photo. See Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

ABC Kids Class Book - This class book goes along with ABC Kids by Laura Ellen Williams.

The class brainstorms photos we could take with things that start with that letter. The kids are in all of the photos.

Halloween Candy ABC Book - For this class book, each child brings in 10 candy wrappers. I do not put on duplicate wrappers. If you do not get a kind of candy for a certain letter, I make up things to write on blank pages. Some examples are, "Oh, No" for O and "Invisible Candy" for Ii. "X-tras" "Yummy Yummy" and "Zillions of Candies" along with extra wrappers, finish up the alphabet book.

Old Black Fly - This class book is based on the book Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth.

We make the background for this book by spraying paint or fly swatting paint. Each child chooses a letter and draws a picture of what the fly land on.

School Alphabet Book - To make this book, we walk around the school taking digital photos of things in our school building. We find 1 thing for every letter of the alphabet.

Silly Sounds Book - This blackline is available to purchase from It is a great book for phonemic substitution. Each child makes 1 page. The child makes whatever the word is on the page out of scraps and they substitute 2 different consonants at the beginning of the word.

ABC's of You - I make this book to you with the song "The ABC's of You." It is found on Red Grammer's Down the Do-Re-Mi CD and also Fred Penner's What A Day! CD. It is a beautiful song with lots of praise words. To make the book, I take photos of my students (I use black and white) doing different things in the classroom. I put 1 child's photo on 1 page for the letter of the alphabet. I try to match it with the child's name, but it won't work for everyone. If I don't have 26 students, I include my photo and group shots of the class. I send it home with a tape of the song.

Alphabet Aerobics - To help your students with letter configuration (if it starts on the top line, dotted line, etc.) we clap the alphabet. This chart helps. If it is a tall letter, we clap above our heads. If it starts at the dotted line they clap in front of our stomachs. If it has a tail, we clap by the floor. The hands on this chart are on the letter to show where to clap.

I Have, Who Has? - My kids love playing the Star Word version of this so much I made some more versions. Here is the alphabet version.

Click here for I Have Who Has? PDF

Alphabet Puzzles - Alphabet puzzles make an easy, first independent center. I add a little fun by having the kids roll a 30 Sided Alphabet Dice. Whatever letter the child rolls, they put that piece back in the puzzle. I got my dice from

Mixed Up Alphabet - My students just loved this fun activity and class book. After reading the book "The Mixed Up Alphabet" we decide to mix up the alphabet ourselves. I give each child a die cut letter to decorate (I have 1 of each letter of the alphabet.) Then we draw them out of a bag and glue them on each page in the order we picked them. Glue them like you would be singing the song (7 on the first page, 4 on the next, 5 on the next, etc.) I made up a little rhyme for the last page.

Alphabet Bead Bottles - I made 12 of these bead bottles using alphabet beads (1 set from Lakeshore had all of the beads needed.) The bottles are just colored sand and the beads. I use Nestles Quik bottles (the labels come off easily.) I glue the bottles shut. There is 2 ways to do this activity. The kids can find the beads in alphabetical order and mark the letter on the sheet as they find the bead. They can also just mark off the letter on the sheet as they find the letter in the bottle. To prevent cheating, the kids have to show their partners before they mark the letter off.

Click here for the Alphabet Bead Bottle PDF

I Have Who Has Alphabet - My kids LOVE to play "I Have Who Has." I have many different versions made up. Check out the ones in my High Frequency Word section and Math section. You play it by giving 1 card to each child. The child with the stars at the beginning of the words has the first card and reads the card aloud. That child flips their card over. The child who has the letter that was read on the first card reads his/her card next. It continues around until all of the cards have been read and flipped over.

Click Here for I Have Who Has Alphabet PDF