Daily Calendar

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The daily calendar is an important part of my math instruction. In this section you will find the procedures that I use for my calendar. My calendar instruction is based on Math Their Way. I have also found the book The Calendar and Beyond by Kimberly Jordano extremely helpful. It contains ways to incorporate math and literacy into your calendar. I also like Kim's Musical Math.

Lakeshore has a new Calendar Math Activity Program ( CLICK HERE) - that incorporates a lot of the components of my daily calendar. It has a lot of activities that are ready to use.

Days of the Week - There are also many wonderful songs for teaching the days of the week. I like to sing "Start the Day" on Jack Hartmann's Math in Motion because it talks about today is.... I also like Greg and Steve's "Days of the Week" in English and Spanish on We All Live Together Vol. 2. Our favorite is "Days of the Week" from Dr. Jean and Friends. It sings the days of the week to the "Adam's Family." I have listed some of my favorite books for teaching the days of the week below.

Months of the Year - I have many favorite songs and books that I use to teach the months of the year. To use all of my songs for calendar, I have burned them all onto one cd. (Please only burn cds that you own.) I really like to do "Months of the Year" in English and Spanish on Greg and Steve's We All Live Together Vol. 4. I also love "Twelve Months of the Year" on Hear Me Sing! Watch Me Dance! by Maryann Harman. My class loves to do "Months of the Year Line Dance" on Jack Hartmann's "I've Got the Music in Me" Vol. 1. Of course my kids know the months of the year because of Jack's "Birthdays" song on "Math All Around Me" (it is year after year the most popular song in my class.) See the Big Book I make to go with this song in my Jack Hartmann Big Book section. We also love "Macarena Months" on Dr. Jean and Friends.

I have listed some of my favorite books about months below. Every month you can teach your students the poem for the month from "Chicken Soup With Rice" and add it to their poetry folders.

More with the Calendar - After doing the days of the week and the months of the year, we say the pattern that is on calendar. The cards I use are no longer available. I would recommend buying two or more sets of calendar cards to make a pattern. We also write the numeral of the date on the small white board. On a laminated paper shape that goes along with the month, we make the number of tallies that are needed to match the date. After the tallies, we come up with addition and subtraction math sentences that add up to the date.

Odd and Even - We add the unifix cubes to the holder to match the date. We write the numeral on the white board behind the cubes. We say a little poem, "2, 4, 6, 8 Who do we appreciate? Zero the Hero! Yeah Even Numbers."

Thank you to Elizabeth Polston from California. She found the website where the I purchased the Odd and Even Holder and the Ones, Tens and Hundreds Box. I bought mine before there were websites, so thank you for helping me find them again. They can be found at www.classroomstorageunits.com. They are in the 'Math Their Way' section.

I have received many e-mails about where I purchased this cube holder. I can not find the man that made it. So here are the dimensions if you want to make your own.

Plexiglass front- 14" x 1" Bottom Wood (it is also dry erase board but you could use wood)- 14" x 1" End Pieces- 3/4" wide x 2" high x 1" deep Back (dry erase board)- 14" x 3 1/2"

The bottom and back are taped together with filament tape. The plexiglass is screwed to the wood. The bottom and back are attached to the end blocks of wood using small nails. Good luck!

Money - I think this is the best way to teach money. Everyday we add coin combinations to the velcro chart. The combinations have to add up to the date. For example: Today is the 15th. We put up 15 pennies, 3 nickels, a dime and 5 pennies and a dime and a nickel. The chart is available from Teaching Resource Center. We also sing a lot of money songs. Check out the Big Books I have made to go with Jack Hartmann and Dr Jean's Money songs.

I have listed some of my favorite money books below.

Days in School - We count the number of days we have been in school using the Lakeshore kids. They can be found at the Lakeshore stores. You might want to try using another cutout to add each day. I connect mine with brass fasteners. I also add one straw to the place value box. When we get a group of 10, we bundle it with a rubber band and move it to the 10's place. We then bundle 10 groups of 10 when we get to a hundred. I bought this great box for place value many years ago (I can not find the person who made it anymore.) It is great because you can write the number right on the whiteboard front.

I received this wonderful idea from Suzanne Carper from South Carolina. I liked it so much that I am going to do it next year. To count the days in school, she adds an apple each day. Every 5th day is a yellow apple and every 10th day is a yellow apple with a little worm on it. The other days are all red apples. At the beginning of the year, she models the writing of the numerals. After 31 days, the kids take over doing the writing. You can see how she does it in these great photos. Be sure to check out all of the other fun stuff she does that you can see in the photos.

Weather Graph - The last thing we do for the calendar is the Weather Graph. The weather helper is chosen by having the students names written on sentence strips with only the first letter of a child's name showing from the Library Pocket. All the kids whose names start with that letter stand up. We pull out one letter at a time, and if it can't be your name anymore, you sit down. You do it until only 1 child is left. (A lot of times you only start with 1 child.) Half way through the year we change the name cards to last names. The weather helper then checks the weather and colors in the graph. I made mine using DJInkers clipart.