Interactive Charts

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Interactive and predictable charts are a great way to help your students with writing. In the section below I have shown a few examples of some Interactive Charts I have done in my classroom. Thank you to Tracy Reed for also sharing a few of her charts with us.

I also have included some titles of my favorite teacher resource books that I have found very beneficial in getting started with Interactive writing. My favorite is Interactive Writing by Trisha Callella and Kimberly Jordano. Predictable Charts and Interactive Charts both by Dorothy Hall and Elaine Williams are very helpful in generating ideas for charts.

You can turn interactive and predictable charts into class books. This is an example of how we turned our apple chart into a book. I cut apart the sentences into individual strips and gave each child his/her own strip. The child then cut apart the strip, separating the words. Then the child mixes up the words and glues them in order on another strip. They then copy the color word onto the blackline and illustrate the picture.

The Enormous Watermelon - This was a really fun chart to put together. It goes along with the Big Book The Enormous Watermelon available form Rigby. If you don’t have this book, I have listed a few of my favorites below that have the same theme. The kids had to write (their name) pulled (the name of the person on the class list behind them). To get the kids to draw a picture with them all pulling the right way, I put a highlighter line at the top of their paper and an X on the left hand side. They had to put the line at the top and then draw themselves pulling toward the x.

Yuck Soup - For this interactive writing chart, I used the Big Book Yuck Soup by Cowley from the Wright Group. If you do not have this book, Seaweed Soup by Murphy is also a good springboard. The kids had to draw something really disgusting to put in the soup. They had a lot of fun thinking of these things. They then had to write “In go some_____” and sound out the word of whatever they put in the soup.