Dr. Jean Big Books

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In this section, I have included photos of a few of my favorite Big Books that I have made to go along with music by Dr. Jean Feldman.

All of Jean's music is available on her website www.drjean.org. I use all of her CD's in my classroom. The kids love the songs and they learn so much from singing them.

Jean also has little books to accompany her music. Look for The Teaching Tunes series from Scholastic.

When making the Big Books, I use 12" x 18' tagboard. I have found it reasonably priced at www.tdbestprice.com. I order the bright assorted tagboard. It makes making the book a lot easier. Be sure to bind the books at the bottom, for easier holding (I let my students hold them). I laminate my books using the heavier laminate from Teacher Supply stores. ABC Zone in Burnsville, MN and Rochester, MN is reasonable at $1.25 a foot. OfficeMax has become really expensive so shop around. But the 1.5mm works, too. Lakeshore Learning Store has laminating for just 29/ft.

The Money Song - This song is on Is Everybody Happy? The kids request it all the time and they really learn the names of the coins. I made the big book using the Frank Schaffer Big Money Bulletin Board set.

Nursery Rhyme Rap - The Nursery Rhyme Rap can be found on Dr. Jean and Friends. I made it using the Trend Mother Goose Bulletin Board set (T-835). Little Boy Blue is not included in the set so I found a picture of Little Boy Blue to use and I typed up the poem.

Penny, Nickel, Dime- This song is on Kiss Your Brain. I used the CTP Counting Coins Mini-Bulletin Board set. (CTP 0617) I had to photocopy the squares with the for the last page.

Spelling Numbers - This fantastic song can be found on Kiss Your Brain. I used 2 sets of bulletin board letters. You can use any number poster that has the number words (for the cover), pictures and the numeral. I used Trend T-38010.

It Is Time to Say Good-Bye- This song is found on Sings Silly Songs. It is a great way to end the day. This bulletin board set is so cute and it worked perfectly for this song. It is the CTP Round-Up Stick Kids (CTP-1541). You need 2 hand calendar cut-outs for the first page.