Little Books

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Colors Book- Each child makes his/her own little book to go with the Colors poem. We do this book in September during our color study. It takes us 2 or more weeks to complete the book, but the kids LOVE "reading" it to their friends. The poem is:

Orange is a carrot
Yellow is a pear
Purple is a plum
And brown is a bear.
Green is the grass
Blue is the sky
Black is a furry cat
And red is a cherry pie.
Gray is a rain cloud
Pink is a rose
White is a snowman with a long carrot nose.

I just had the kids cut out a cloud. I used die cuts for the rose and snowman.

Most of the pages (carrot, pear, plum and pie) are made by tracing a template. The bear is a die cut and the green grass is fringed paper. The sky is a cotton ball on blue and the black cat is made by rounding the corners off squares.

Monster Houses - This little book goes along with the little CTP Emergent reading book. The blackline includes 3 pages where the child writes a color word on the 2 lines and the child colors the house and monster that color. The child chooses a different color for all 3 pages. For the last page, the child write his/her name on the line. The child glues down some fabric to flip up like a bedspread and he/she glues 2 wiggly eyes under the fabric.

Click Here for Monster Houses PDF.

Little Elf, Little Elf - We make this book with our 6th grade buddies. For the cover we run off the head and body shapes. We have changed the inside pages to make it go faster with our buddies. You can have the kids draw or cut out more but we use die cuts for the tree and Gingerbread Man and a real candy cane to save time. The text is:

____, ____ What do you smell? (child write name)
Something's in the oven, but I won't tell. (die cut with ginger sprinkled on)

____, ____ What do you feel?
Santa's soft beard, it feels so real. (draw Santa and glue cotton for beard)

____, ____ What do you see?
Shimmering lights on the Christmas tree. (die cut tree with sequins) ____, ____ What do you hear?
A sleigh bell ringing on Santa's reindeer. (trace hand for reindeer, tape on bell)

____, ____ What do you eat?
A candy cane, so crunchy and sweet. (tape on a real candy cane)

We read Elf Elementary by Edward Miller.

Click here to view the PDF

Number Book - This book is perfect for practicing numeral formation. The text is the words from Dr Jean's "Numeral Song" on her Sing to Learn cd. I feel it is the best way for kids to learn how to write numerals. It is a MUST HAVE! The kids have to write the numerals and draw the corresponding number of object on each page. It is great for the parents to have at home to practice.

I created another blackline so I could put it on the website. It is a little different, but it works. I run it on the copy machine so it is half the size.

Click Here for the Number Book PDF.

Jack-O-Happy - This individual book goes with the poem Jack-O-Happy. This is Jack-O-Happy
This is Jack-O-Sad
Now you see him sleepy
Now you see him mad.
Jack has burst in pieces small
But in a pie he's best of all.

Each child will need 5 pumpkin die cuts. They draw on the appropriate faces and cut up 1 (stress only 5-6 pieces.) They draw a pie for the last page. It is a great book for sequencing and it also helps with gluing practice at the beginning of the year.

Click Here for the Jack-O-Happy PDF.

If You Meet a Dragon - This little book goes with the Big Book If You Meet a Dragon - by Joy Cowley from the Wright Group. After the kids have illustrated the pages, they read it to their friends using a feather as a pointer. It's a lot of fun!!

A Number of Dragons - We make this counting book during our dragon days. The kids just stamp the correct number of dragons on each page. Be sure to check out the Art Projects and Classroom Displays section of this website to see my Dragon Hat, Foot Dragon and my favorite dragon books.

Dots - I chose to make the blackline for this book using circles that the kids have to color in. Sometimes when my supposed are supposed to make their own dots they scribble and they don't look like dots. So this book focuses more on reading color words than counting. I have the pages go up 9 dots using the 8 basic colors and pink.

Stone Soup Little Book - To practice high frequency words, I make a lot of little books where I leave out the word the children are supposed to practice. We do Stone Soup at the beginning of the year, so I created this book to review the words "the."

Click here for the Stone Soup Little Book PDF.

Mouse Paint - When we are reviewing colors at the beginning of the year, I read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. This is the little book that I created to review the color words and color mixing.

Click Here for Mouse Paint Cover PDF.

Click Here for Mouse Paint book pages.