Little Book Suggestions

For Copyright reasons I am not able to put all of the little books I have created as downloads on my website. I use clipart from for most of my class book covers and little books. it is the cutest stuff out there! I own many different CDs from djinkers, but I think "Kidillywinks" is the best CD to start with. I just got "Top of the Class" which also looks fantastic.

I do teach using the "Letter a Week" approach, but it is in the balanced literacy format. We are learning about all of the letters all the time and learning high frequency words. Below, you will find a list of the books I have created and samples of the text. Most of the little books have a title page, a dedicated to page, 4 pages that follow a sentence frame pattern and the last page is a little different.

The back of the book has a place where kids sign the book after their friend has read to them.

CLICK HERE for the 'Letter a Week' PDF.