Math Class Books

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Apples Up On Top Class Book - This class book goes along with Ten Apples Up On Top by Theo LeSieg. To make this class book, each child chooses a numeral card from 4-10. The child has to glue that many small apple cut outs on top of the picture they drew of him/herself in the small box. The text is "______ has ___ apples up on top." The child writes his/her name on the first line and the numeral they chose on the second line. (See the Take Home Bag activity that goes along with this book.)

I also include a photo of the child wearing a headband that has 3 fake apples glued on it. I use E6000 Glue to adhere the apples.

A Pair of Socks - This class book is interactive and goes with the book A Pair of Socks by Stuart J. Murphy.

The children have to make 2 sock cutouts look exactly alike. I use a die cut or you can use a template that the kids trace. The children glue one sock down and I laminate the page and the other sock. I then add velcro dots. The kids have to match the pairs. (See the Take Home Bag activity that goes along with this book.)

M&M Pattern Book - We use the book The M&M Brands Color Pattern Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. We made this class book with our 6th Grade Buddies. They helped the kindergarteners punch out the circles (we used the small scrapbooking punches) and then create a pattern. The kids also had to write m's on all of the circles and label the pattern. I included a note to parents in the beginning of the book that explained how to read and extend a pattern.

Bubble Gum - I read the book Double Bubble Trouble by Judy Bradbury to add to our bubble gum theme. We make this class book using the circle punches. The child rolls 1 die and then punches that many of one color. The circles are gumballs. The child then rolls the die again and punches that many of a different color. The child glues the circles on the page and then writes the number sentence to go with the number of gumballs he/she has. The child also has to label the color of which they have more or less.

Count and Quack - This class book goes along with the book Count and Quack by Keith Baker. I also love to read the book Quack! by Arthur Yorinks. It is always the most popular book in my class. The text is just Quack Quack Quack etc. so the kids read it like a wordless book, they look at the illustrations for the story.

To make the book, a child rolls 1 die and puts that many white ducks on the left. The child rolls again and puts that many yellow duck on the right. The child writes the number sentence. I put the child's photo with Pringles Potato Chips in his/her mouth so they look like a duck and he/she writes Quack!! See the Take-Home Activity to go with this book.

Best Bugs - This activity goes with the book The Best Bug Parade by Stuart J Murphy. The book discusses comparisons like big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest. On the first day I have the students paint a colorful page (like Eric Carle). On the second day, the children are supposed to make 3 bugs. They are to cut the shapes from their painted sheet. One is big, another is bigger and the another is biggest.

How Many Feet in the Bed? This class books is made after we read How Many Feet in the Bed? By Diane Johnston Hamm. In the book, you count how many feet are in the bed as people enter and exit a family bed. The child traces a bed template and glues a strip of material for a comforter. The child writes the names of everyone in his/her family in the text area. The text says,"_____, _____, _____,_____, and _____ are in the bed. There are ___ feet in the bed." The child then has to glue the correct number of feet cut outs on the bed. I have a die cut or you can use a scrapbooking punch.

Octopus - This class book can also just be done as a worksheet and sent home. I use it as a class book to go along with the Octopus Take Home Bag. (Click here for Takehome Bags). To make the page the student draw the body and makes 8 legs that each have 8 suction cups. Use Do-a-Dot Markers for the suction cups. The child traces around the legs with a crayon.

Who Stole The Cookies - We make this book on Cookie Day. Below are the links to some of my favorite Cookie Books. We make this book when introducing subtraction. The kids draw 10 cookies in their jar. They take a number card and that is how many cookies they stole. They cross out that many cookies and have to write the subtraction number sentence. The last page of the book is a class photo with all of the kids pointing.

Chocolate Chip Addition - This is another cookie book. We are working on addition. The kids roll 1 die and draw that many chocolate chips on the first cookie. They roll the die again, and have to draw that many chocolate chips on the second cookie. They then complete the number sentence.

Christmas Cookie Addition - This book is similar to the chocolate chip addition book. To prepare the book, I rubber cement aluminum foil on construction paper. The child rolls 1 die and glues down that many gingerbread die cuts. The child rolls again and glues down that many of a different color gingerbread die cut. The child completes the addition sentence. The child then "frosts" the cookies with glitter glue. You have to laminate the pages as soon as they are dry.

Jelly Beans for Sale - This book follows the pattern of Jelly Beans For Sale by Bruce McMillan. Unfortunately the book is out of print. There are used copies available through Amazon, but you can make the book without reading the book. It is a great way to introduce money concepts and 1-to-1 correspondence. I use die cut hands. The kids choose a number card and put that many jelly bean cut outs on the first hand and stamp that many pennies on the second hand. The text is: ___ jelly beans cost ___

Counting Mittens 2 by 2 - This class book is great for counting by 2's. We read Missing Mittens by Stuart J Murphy and Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg. Each child traces a mitten template on wrapping paper. The child flips the template over and traces it again. Then the child cuts out the mittens and glues them on construction paper. Together as a class, we number the pages by 2's.

I Want 100 - We make this book on the 100th day of school. The kids draw and write what they would want 100 of on the left side and what they would never want 100 of on the right side. Be sure to check out my favorite books for the 100th day in my Math Section.

Undershirt Book - We make this class book on "Underwear Day" during U week. I teach a lesson about symmetry using the book Let's Fly a Kite by Stuart J. Murphy. Each child designs a symmetrical undershirt. They write the words "My undershirt is symmetrical" on the bottom strip and their name on the top. The kids that finish early make an asymmetrical undershirt for the book also. Be sure to sing "Uncle Underwood's Unbelievably Ugly Underwear" from Kids Collectibles at

Some of my favorite underwear books are: