Name Activities

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How Many Letters in Name Class Graph - To make this class graph, have each child write his/her name on graph paper, 1 letter per square. We compare the length of names and put them on the large graph. The perfect book for talking about the length of names in Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel.

Letters in My Name Graph - For this activity, students will need a letters in my name/letters not in my name blackline and an alphabet blackline. The kids have to cut apart the letters and glue them on the correct side of the graph.

Letters in First and Last Name Venn Diagram- We so this activity after we sort the letters that are in our names. I have found it the best way to teach about Venn diagrams. Each child needs the Venn diagram with his/her first name written under the first circle and last name written under the second circle. They also have a colored alphabet blackline. After demonstrating I show the children how to sort the letters according to whether they are in first name, last name, both names or not in either name.

Letters in Name Check-in - During the first month of school, every child has to put his/her name in the pocket chart under yes or no. The question is - Does your name have a(n) LETTER in it? We go through the alphabet and change the letter each day.

Look at the Letters in Our Name Class Book- I make this book by typing all the names in our class. All the names that have an Aa in them are listed under the Aa page etc. If no one in our class has a certain letter in his/her name, the page is left blank. The kids have to highlight each letter in their name on the pages that their name is listed.

A My Name Is Class Book- This class book goes along with the book A My Name Is Alice by Jane Thayer. Each child writes his/her name, what letter it starts with and something they like that starts with that letter. The child illustrates what they like. I also include the childís photo.

It Is Time to Say Good-bye - This fantastic song is on Dr Jeanís Sings Silly Songs CD. See the first version I did of this book in my Dr Jean Big Book section. I wanted to make a new version where we say the kids names. I took the kids' photos when they were wearing a cowboy hat. I used the Round-Up Stick Kids Designer Cut-Outs from CTP(CTP 4680). You canít use the CD when singing this version. We stop and say the names of our cowboy friends throughout the song.

This is my new favorite game to get my students to know their friends' names. For many days we were practicing that the first child on my list had to go and get the next person on my list and then that person had to get the next person, etc. Then we went backwards up the list. After the kids were good at that, I spread out the photo sicks of the kids on the floor. I pick the first one and say that child's name out loud. I give him/her the photo stick and that child has to get get another photo stick. That child gives that photo stick to that child and says his/her name loudly. It continues until the last child is picked and that child has to say my name.

Name Song - This big book goes with the song that we sing. You take your class list in alphabetical order, 8 names per verse, and sing it to the tune "Are You Sleeping?" Try it, it works. I add school helpers (me, the principal, etc.) to the end if it is not a multiple of 8 and I add a whole verse of these adults if it is.

Name Chart - This is probably one of the most frequently used items in my classroom. I make it using the Lakeshore Photo Nameplates. I cut off the lines on the bottom. I mount the photos on large tagboard. I laminate the board and the names. The names on the lines are then attached with velcro dots. The kids use it all of the time when they want to write their friend.

Clothespin Names - For this center, write all of your students names on paint sticks (I got mine on the internet.) Spell the names using clothespins, one letter per clothespin. The kids remove the clothespins and then put them back to spell their friend's names.

I Have Who Has Names - This is such a great game to help kids learn their friends' names and learn how to read their friends' names. Just make up cards like the sample shown and pass them out to all of your students. Whoever has the card with the Stars starts the game. You can end with "Who has Mrs. Sloane?" (insert your name instead. ) You can start the year with the photo version and then change to the name version later in the year.