Numeral Writing

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In this section I will show many different ways in which my students practice numeral formation. One of the best ways to get kids to write numerals correctly is to use the “Number Writing Rhyme” on Jack Hartmann’s Math in Motion CD. Check out the big book that I made to go with it in my Jack Hartmann Big Book section. Dr. Jean also has a great numeral writing song on her Sing to Learn CD. You can make the same type of big book to go with that song.

I also read a lot of books about counting and numerals. I have listed a few of them below.

The following 8 activities are from Math Their Way and the cards to do the activities are available to purchase from their store.

Dot-to-Dots - For this station, the kids clothes pin the template onto a piece of paper. They then write the numeral that is by the openings, in the openings. They take off the paper and connect the numerals.

Numeral Wipe-off Cards - The kids write with a vis-à-vis marker on these laminated cards.

Yarn Numerals - The kids have to cut and glue yarn so that it will fit on the blackline of the numerals. When it is dry, they can rub over the numerals also.

Tactile Numerals - I made tactile numerals out of sand paper (you can die-cut it) and glue. The kids rub over the numerals with a crayon to reproduce it on the paper.

Numeral Templates - Kids clothes pin these templates onto a piece of paper. They then write the numeral that is near the opening, in the opening. When they remove the template, it looks like they did the writing without a model to look at and all of the numerals are made correctly.

Salt Box Numerals - using the step-by-step numeral flip cards, the kids make the numerals in a salt box.

Play-Doh Numerals - I made a book showing the numeral formations. The kids have to create the numerals with Play-Doh.

Numeral Geoboards - Using the cards from Math Their Way as a model, the kids create the numeral on a geoboard.

Numeral Dot Stamps - I purchased these numeral dot stamps from Lakeshore. The kids stamp and trace.

Numeral Dice Game - My students love to play this game. It is originally from Math Their Way. I do it for numerals, letters and Star Words. I have made up a few different forms for different numerals. I choose 6 numerals I want the kids to practice writing. I then make a blackline with those numerals. I use blank dice to make dice with the same numerals. The kids roll a die and then they write that numeral. They keep rolling until one column is filled.

Number Rolls - I got this idea from Barbara Rothman in CA many years ago. I tape a piece of cash register receipt tape on a toilet paper roll. The kids write the numerals 1-10 vertically on the paper. I usually have the kids do this with a parent so that they get started correctly. I then tape on another strip so they are ready to go the next time. When it is number roll time, the kids get out their roll and write the next 10 numerals. They bring it up to be checked and then I tape on another strip. Some days some kids can get a few strips added, some kids just do one.

This year, over half of my class made it to 200+. It is amazing how much the kids LOVE it every year. We do it in May and the kids beg to do it every day. You have to try it!!