School Is Cool Big Books

In late November, 2006 my new CD was released. My students have found it very entertaining and educational. Like all music that I use in my classroom, I wanted to make the big books to go with the songs. Having the print connection for the kids is very important.

When making the Big Books, I use 12" x 18' tagboard. I have found it reasonably priced at I order the bright assorted tagboard. It makes making the book a lot easier. Be sure to bind the books at the bottom, for easier holding (I let my students hold them). I laminate my books using the heavier laminate from Teacher Supply stores. ABC Zone in Burnsville, MN and Rochester, MN is reasonable at $1.25 a foot. OfficeMax has become really expensive so shop around. But the 1.5mm works, too. Lakeshore Learning Store has laminating for just 29/ft.

To make making the books easier for you, I have included the PDF of the text that I use to make the Big Books. Some books may need a Bulletin Board set or a border. I will list what is needed. Occasionally, the item I use is discontinued. I always go online and check warehouses first. If you can't find exactly what I use, go to your local teacher supply store and browse until you find something that will work.

School Is Cool - This is the theme song of the CD. I teach the kids the actions. Spell out C-O-O-L with your arms like YMCA. The last song on the CD is the instrumental so you can perform it at parent programs . To make this book I used the Carson Dellosa School Days Border (CD-1453). Click here for the lyric PDF.

Vowel Bat - This fun song helps the kids learn the short vowel sounds. It is to the tune "Batman." I used the www.djinkers bat from the Dazzle Daze collection. I use that collection all the time. Click here for the lyric PDF.

What Is The Weather Today? - We do this spelling song every day during calendar time. It is very easy to make using the Creative Teaching Press Mini Bulletin Board Set Weather (CTP 1118). Click here for the lyric PDF.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - This is a phonemic substitution song. I used the Bears and Wagons Job Assignment Bulletin Board Set from Carson Dellosa (DJ-610019) and the Sun Cut Outs from Creative Teaching Press (CTP-4646). There are plenty of extras so get together with a friend or 2 to make 3 books. Click here for the lyric PDF.

Please and Thank You - This song is a praise and worship song. My pastor wrote the original song. We rewrote it to talk about my favorite 2 words. I used the Creative teaching Press Decorative Set Kids Up Down All Around (CTP 0767.) Click here for the lyric PDF.

Those Sounds - This song is to the tune Dem Bones.? I used the Scholastic Dog Bone Accent Cut-Outs (ISBN: 0-439-74758-9). They aren't always easy to find in teacher supply stores, but I have found them online. You need all 36 to make the big book. Click here for the lyric PDF.

Stop, Rock and Roll - This is a fun dancing and counting song. I needed to make the big book so that I knew what number we were supposed to count to. I made it using clip art and Trend Discover Music Terrific Trimmer (T-92059.)

Click here for a Rock and Roll Graphic in PDF format.

Click here for the lyric PDF.

Click here for a stop PDF.

Sounds Around the Mountain - This is an alphabet sounds song to the tune "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain." It is very easy to make using the printed lyrics. I made the book using Carson Dellosa Train border (CD-1441.) Click here for the lyric PDF.

Letters on the Bus - This song is to the tune "Wheels on the Bus." The cd has an open version where you can insert your own letter sounds. It is very easy to make using Beaming Buses from Trend (T-10005.) Click here for the lyric PDF.

Days of the Week - I made the Days of the Week Big Book using the Trend Border (T85034.) We sing this song every day while doing our Calendar Book. The students point to the words in their book as they sing along.

Click here for the lyric PDF.