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I have many favorite books that I use to motivate children to become writers. I have listed some of my favorites below.

In 2007, I discovered a wonderful new series by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. These simple books teach children how to write in different styles. There are examples of report writing, writing about a book, making lists and many other styles. They are perfect for introducing writing styles to your students.

Journal - This is the journal my student's use. I also like the Draw and Write Journal from Lakeshore. To make the journal, I made the paper using the Fonts4Teachers program. The cover is meant to be folded out when the children are writing so they can refer to the alphabet chart.

Writing Office - My kids love to use these writing folders for writing time. It is their own little office. It contains all kinds of writing helpers. I make the offices by first using packing tape to attach 2 file folder together. On the inside of the folder I have included a right and left hand, words from the Word, color words, shape words letters and numbers. I also have a Stop sign for a reminder to check for name and punctuation. There is also a spot for Post-it notes so kids can take the Post-it\92s to the word wall to copy a word. I also include a vowel sound helper. After I laminate the folders I will add the class list for names and write in family names and pets.

On the back side of the folders I have the office sign, a list of things the child can write about, another letter formation helper and a name tag for writing the child\92s name after it is laminated.

Here are some of the things that I created that I put on my writing office.

Click here for the color chart PDF.

Click Here for "I Can Write About" PDF. (Clipart from www.djinkers.com I LOVE their stuff! )

Click Here for Post It Note sign.

Click Here for Star Word PDF.

Click Here for Writing Helps PDF.

Click here for Writing Check PDF.

Sentence Frames Poster (Anchor Chart)

I have posted a new free pack that contains all of the words and graphics to make a sentence frames anchor chart poster. Students use it as a resource when writing sentences on their own.

My students use it when they are writing a sentence at the bottom of their Alphabet Printing and Sentence Writing pages and Write the Room - K-1 books .

Click here to get you free Sentence Frames Poster